Important Info

Personal, Business and Tax Information

All or the items on this site are pieces from my person collection, that I am now selling. While many of these items are still sealed, and considered new, they are all still second-hand goods that are being sold privately by myself. I am not a distributor or reseller, and I do not collect Australian GST.

Counterfeit or Knockoff items

All or the items on this site are genuine items unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Sealed Items

All of the items sold here are pre-owned collectable items that have a higher value when still sealed. If you purchase a sealed item, and you open it and there are issues with the contents inside (that was not directly caused by me), I am not able to provide you with a remedy or refund. You must seek any remedy from the manufacturer. As many of these items are imported, and up to 20 years old, that is challenging, if not impossible. Please be aware of this when purchasing sealed items.

Import Duties, Taxes or Fees

I make an extra effort to make International shipping available as cheaply as possible. Living in Australia, I know how hard it is to get items from the rest of the world. However, once I pay the shipping fee, and hand your item over to the local post office, any further fees, duties or taxes will be the result of your own country’s or region’s laws. Please learn and be aware these laws and fees, as any such duties, taxes or fees, are the sole responsibility of you, the buyer. If you do not pay the fees, and the item is returned, the shipping fees you paid will not be refunded, nor will any costs associated with returning or refunding your purchase.