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Transformers G1 Mirage (Used)

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G1 Mirage in seemingly pretty good condition. The front, bonnet is quite loose/floppy if you lift the car off of the table, but the rest is just right – not too loose, not too stiff. There’s a bit of chrome wear around the edges, but it seems impressive for its age. I admittedly do not have a lot of experience with G1 figures.

Gun, should rocket launcher and one missile included.

This was acquired as/is, so I’m really not sure if it’s Hasbro or Takara, or an original, or a reissue. I’ve taken a picture of the trademark stamp on the bottom. Hopefully that can identify it. Let me know if there’s any other way to identify it, and/or if you know what it is.

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 6 cm

Hasbro, Takara Tomy